Bryan North Industrial Park

SiteOhio authenticated means construction ready day one.

Bryan North Industrial Park, which has been deemed among Ohio’s top sites, has robust utility infrastructure, including availabilityof transmission-level electric service.  Williams County Economic Development Corporation and the Regional Growth Partnership collaborated to inventory the site’s compelling features that make it ideal for business.

  • has dual feed fully redundant electric service.
  • has large excess water and sewer capacities.
  • is community owned.

Overview of Site

Site Address:205 Brunicardi Way
Ownership:City of Bryan
Min Size:20 acres
Max Size:76 acres
Price Per Acre:$10,000/acre
Distance to four-lane highway or interstate:9 miles
Rail Service:No

Utility Service

Utility capacities are subject to change over time.
Please contact the site representative for the most recent information.

Electric to Park Boundaries

Excess Electric Capacity:40 MW (Transmission) and
4.3 MW (Distribution)
Distance to Substation:6,330 feet
Type of Feed:Dual Feed - Fully Redundant

Natural Gas to Park Boundaries

Excess Gas Capacity:10 MCF/hour
Available Pressure:20 PSI

Water to Park Boundaries

Excess Water Capacity:1.7 MGD
Total Capacity of System:5 MGD

Sewer to Park Boundaries

Excess Sewer Capacity:1.1 MGD
Total Capacity of System:3.14 MGD

Fiber/Telecom Service to Park Boundaries

Fiber/Telecom Service to Park Boundaries:Yes
Electric Water Fiber Gas Sewer

Due Diligence Studies and Reports

Phase I Environmental Report:Yes
Geotechnical Study:Yes
Wetlands Delineation:Yes
Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdictional Determination:Yes
Phase I Cultural Resources Study:Yes
State Historic Preservation Office Concurrence:Yes
Endangered Species Analysis:Yes
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Concurrence:Yes

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