Cultivating Growth and Success


Ohio’s food and agribusiness industry boasts hundreds of companies that cultivate, process, package, distribute and market food and drinks enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Food and agribusiness companies choose Ohio because it offers everything they need to succeed and grow. From commodities such as soybeans, hogs and dairy to food packaging and food distribution facilities, Ohio has it all.

In Ohio, companies can:

  • Utilize an affordable, connected infrastructure. Ohio’s central location and multiple transportation options offer efficient, cost effective ways to obtain raw materials, produce goods and deliver food to market.
  • Find a wide range of talent. With its agrarian history and strong university system, Ohio has all levels of talent, from entry-level workers to management-level executives, ready to help companies reach success.
  • Further R&D. Companies can partner with and learn from industry leaders, and leverage the state’s R&D resources to drive their bottom line.
  • Access a comprehensive value chain. From growers and producers, processors, packagers, distributors, retailers and ultimately consumers, the entire value chain is located in Ohio.

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Highly-Automated Food Distribution Center Opens in Findlay

High-tech location will employ 400
December 4, 2017

McLane Company Inc. is a leading supply chain provider in food service and groceries for convenient stores, markets, merchants and restaurants in the United States. Following an announcement in February 2016 to open a highly-automated facility in Findlay, McLane Co. cuts the ribbon on its newest location which will employ over 400 skilled positions.

Earlier this year, Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, spent $16.8 million to expand its Solon, Ohio campus. As part of the expansion, Nestlé relocated 300 jobs of its technical and production organization and all supply chain teams from California to the Solon campus, which now employs more than 2,000 employees.

In a crowded craft brewing industry, a relatively new Cincinnati beer maker is taking no prisoners. The fast-growing brewery outgrew its original facility within two years of opening and had to find a bigger space.

Speyside has provided the whisky industry – scotch makers in Scotland and bourbon makers in the U.S. – with barrels made of American oak since 1947. Acquired by France-based Tonnellerie Francois Frères Group in 2008, Speyside established its rst U.S. cooperage in Shepherdsville, Ky., in 2010.

Golden Fresh Farms cultivates 52 full-time positions and invests $22.5 million.